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Simply Natural Newsflash - Issue 39
4 May 2010

In this issue:

  • Welcome!
  • In the Spotlight: “Weapons of Mass Dilution”– The Safety of Homeopathic Remedies
  • Feedback
  • New products: Step Aside Whey Protein, here comes Green Protein
  • Personal Transformation: Article by John Lloyd: Ten Steps to Personal Happiness
  • Sky Talk, by Ingrid Hoffman
  • Food for Thought: The Upside of Chaos, by Hilde Nel
  • Inspirational Moment

Welcome to Simply Natural Newsflash. My goal is to keep you up to date with new developments and new products in the exciting and dynamic world of natural health. Because of the interconnectedness of the body, mind, emotions and spirit, I will also provide you with relevant information on personal transformation.

I hope that you all enjoy our newly implemented bar-coded point of sale system. This system ensures swifter and more efficient service at the till point, itemized invoices as well as swifter answers to price enquiries.

In our regular feature, Personal Transformation, John Lloyd discusses ten steps to achieve personal happiness. In Sky Talk, astrologist Ingrid Hoffman discusses the symbolism of the recent volcanic eruption in Iceland. Chaos has an upside. Read more about this wild statement in Food for Thought. Enjoy!

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Wishing you health and happiness…

Hilde Nel
Owner and manager, Simply Natural

A note of caution:
The information in this newsletter does not replace medical advice by a medical practitioner. Please consult your homeopath, naturopath or medical doctor if you are sick or have serious symptoms. We do not advocate that you stop using your medication, but would like to make you aware that some alternative therapies may effectively prevent and help treat problems.

About us:
Editor: Hilde Nel

Guest contributors for this issue:
Personal Transformation: John Lloyd
Sky Talk: Ingrid Hoffman
Food for Thought: Wolfgang Riebe
Text editor: Johan Grobler

  In the spotlight

“Weapons of Mass Dilution” – The Safety of Homeopathic Remedies

Homeopathy is based on the principle that “like can cure like” – that is, an illness should be treated with a substance capable of producing similar symptoms to those being suffered by the patient. A two-step process is followed to make homeopathic remedies, namely succussion (shaking) and dilution. The more an active ingredient is diluted, the higher the potency of the remedy.

To produce a 1 c potency of the Allium cepa remedy, for example, one drop of the mother tincture is added to 99 drops of an alcohol/water mixture and succussed. To produce a 2 c potency, one drop of the 1 c mixture is added to 99 drops of an alcohol/water mixture and succussed.

At high potencies, such as 200 CH, there are no molecular remains of the active ingredient. These remedies work on energy principles, making them safe for small children, babies and animals.


Siberian Pine Nut Oil

Anonymous mentioned that her husband has a problem with helicobacter pylori bacterial overgrowth in the intestines. Siberian Pine Nut Oil is the first product that really improves his condition.

Editor's note: Siberian Pine Nut oil contains various active ingredients that support and help build the intestinal lining as well as help suppress bad bacteria such as helicobacter pylori. It is recommended for conditions such as irritable bowel syndrome, colitis, ulcers, and reflux, among others. To rule out any serious underlying condition, always consult your natural health practitioner or doctor if you suffer from digestive disorders.

Essene bread
Essene bread is becoming very popular among those with wheat or gluten intolerance, those who follow the bloodgroup diet, and those with digestive/bowel problems. Essene bread is made of pure sprouted wheat. Sprouted wheat does not have the same properties as wheat grain. Most people on wheat-free diets can eat sprouted wheat without any problems. Essene bread is indeed a lifesaver. We even have a client in Johannesburg who regularly buys them and takes them home to freeze!.

  New products

Step aside Whey Protein, here comes Green Protein!

The Recommended Daily Allowance (RDA) for protein is 0.8 grams per kilogram of ideal body weight. An adult female whose best weight is 50 kilograms, needs about 40 grams of protein daily and an adult male who should weigh about 70 kg needs about 56 grams of protein daily. The RDA for protein increases substantially during pregnancy and lactation.

Why do we need protein?

  • We need protein to form anti bodies to help us resist disease.
  • We need protein to maintain muscle and other body tissues.
  • We need protein for our hair, skin and nails.
  • Certain enzymes are made up of protein.
  • Dietary protein helps stabilizing our blood-sugar levels.

Until now, egg albumin and whey proteins have been considered the best for building muscle and supplying in the body’s general protein requirements. Plant proteins have historically been poorly suited for these purposes. The amino acid profile of most plant proteins are limited for human use. Some plant proteins, like soy, can cause problems such as interfering with mineral absorption, inhibiting the thyroid gland and interfering with protein digestion if taken in large quantities.

Pure Green Protein by Natural Vibrance supplies a variety of different highly absorbable plant proteins that synergistically offer a complete protein supplement that is nearly equal to human muscle in terms of its amino acid profile. The amino acid profile surpasses both egg albumin and whey.

Pure Green Protein contains the following:

  • Non-GMO pea protein
  • Certified organic brown rice protein
  • Alfalfa protein
  • Certified organic spirulina powder

This remarkable product has the following benefits:

  • It supplies a staggering 20 g of highly absorbable protein per serving.
  • It is non-acidic.
  • It is ideal for people with common food intolerances such as dairy and soy.
  • It can be enjoyed by everybody, including vegans.
  • It supplies a staggering 15.57 mg of iron per serving – that is 86.5% of your recommended daily intake.
  • It is rich in fibre.
  • It promotes detoxification due to the high spirulina content.
  • It is a complete protein with excellent amino acid profiles nearly equal to that of human muscle.
  • It tastes great!
  • It is very easy to digest.

Pure Green Protein by Natural Vibrance has become one of my favourite natural supplements. I’ve been trying it for few weeks, and have experienced higher energy levels, more muscle strength and definition - even improved concentration levels.

Whether you need protein for muscle building or just to increase your daily consumption of high-quality protein, Pure Green Protein is a must. For those who want to try it out for a week or two, Pure Green Protein is available in single travel sachets or more economical tubs.

  Personal Transformation

Ten Steps to Personal Happiness by John Lloyd

“There is no passion to be found in playing small – in settling for a life that is less than the one you are capable of living.”
– Nelson Mandela

The people around you have a huge influence on how you view the world and how you live your life. Mix with critical, judgmental and negative people and that is the way you will become. You soon find yourself moaning about everything, and spend your time seeing most things as impossible, rather than possible in your life.

If you were invited to appear as a guest on a television chat show that represented the life you are living, would you be invited onto Oprah or Jerry Springer? There are radical and clear differences between the two. Oprah’s guests reflect confidence and self-pride and live positive lives. The guests on Jerry’s show display low self-esteem, lack confidence, blame others and view most things negatively. The guests on Oprah have empathy and are driven to share inspiration and hope with the people they meet; they are life’s movers and shakers. Jerry’s guests are destructive and don’t wish to add value to the people they mix with; they are life’s moaners and groaners.

Don’t you agree that living your life as if you were a guest on Oprah leads you to a far more fulfilling and extraordinary place? You can make the conscious decision to live a more rewarding life and this simple choice can be made this instant – Simply say “I choose to live my life with a positive attitude, starting now!”

I recommend the following ten principles as the pivotal keys to achieving more happiness:

Take responsibility for your life
You are responsible for everything you are today, for everything you think, say and do. Don’t make excuses or blame others.

Clarify your values and beliefs, and live by them
Your values and beliefs define you as a person. Decide what you truly believe in, and refuse to deviate from them.

Know and use your strengths
Identify, develop and use your strengths. When we use our strengths we experience a great sense of satisfaction.

Associate with the right people
Make a careful choice of the people you live, work and socialise with. Try and associate with people you respect, admire and like. The secret of getting ahead and staying there is to keep good company.

Be proactive about your health and fitness
Your physical health is a precious gift. People only fully realise this when it’s sometimes too late. A simple lesson – eat less, exercise more and drink more water.

Develop an attitude of gratitude
Take note of the many good things in your life that you have. Note the things that you enjoy and appreciate. Be grateful for these many gifts.

Search for the positive in everything
Look for the positive of everything that happens in your life, no matter how bad it seems at the time. Life is filled with lessons, so learn from each of them so that they are never repeated. Within every problem or setback lies the seed of an equal or greater opportunity or benefit.

Practice thinking differently
Everything we do is based on how we think about ourselves, about others and about life. A positive, optimistic, goal-oriented person will in all likelihood enjoy a happy and successful life. Always remember, you become what you consistently focus on. Develop the habit of looking for good in every situation

Make a contribution
What kind of difference would you like to make in your world? Who can you help who is less fortunate than you?

Develop the ability to love and be loved
Improving your ability to love and be loved will definitely increase your levels of happiness. The ability to love yourself is a vital ingredient.

So there you have it. What you make of your attitude, happiness and life is up to you. You were born with the ability, tools and resources to make life work. What you now do is your choice. Remember, success is definitely a journey, not a destination.

Real integrity is doing the right thing, knowing that nobody's going to know whether you did it or not.” - Oprah Winfrey

John Lloyd is an award-winning marketer, speaker, business growth strategist, seminar leader, trainer and columnist. As business consultant, he offers practical solutions and tangible results. John is a dynamic speaker with a wonderful ability to inform, inspire and entertain. He has been invited to speak all over South Africa and internationally and has been recognised as The Institute of Marketing Management (IMM) Western Cape Communicator of the Year. Contact him at or visit If you wish to subscribe to his FREE e-zine, send an email to

  Sky Talk

The Symbolism of the Eyjafjallojokull Eruption by Ingrid Hoffman

"Be empty of worrying.
Think of who created thought!

Why do you stay in prison when the door is so wide open?"

– Rumi

Astrological symbolism is like a sublimely beautiful celestial musical score resonating with inner and outer events in our lives.

Late in December, Saturn and Pluto aligned in a challenging square formation, and as the energy intensified, seismic activity began to activate the fractures in our earth’s crust in a place called Eyjafjallojokull.

Volcanic eruptions have sculpted and transformed the landscape on our planet for centuries. And on 15 April, the day of the New Moon in fiery Aries, a powerful eruption flung plumes of ash high into the atmosphere, as volcanoes do. Strong winds scattered the particles generously over the earth. And at that moment in our human evolutionary journey, these clouds of volcanic ash brought our attention to our dependency on technology – and our connectedness to our Earth, and to each other.

It was Mercury in Retrograde in the earthy sign of Taurus that signified the very literal grounding of 95,000 air craft during the six-day shut-down. Mercury, the winged messenger of the gods, in mythology, symbolises transport and communication.

This mantle of ash cost the aviation industry more than £1bn – 1.7 billion. The airlines, already vulnerable due to the global financial crisis, were said to have lost $ 200 million a day. There were financial losses for thousands of business owners, farmers, and travellers, who were confined in airports or cities, far from where they wanted to be.

Stories of love, compassion, and tremendous generosity glowed like fireflies across cyberspace. People offering up their homes to stranded passengers, driving the sick thousands of miles to a hospital, sharing food and blankets, reaching out, connecting to one another.

Yet the symbolism of the astrology suggests a need to look deeper at what happened during the six-day airspace shutdown. Could this be an opportunity to question our naive sense of invincibility, or our petulant adolescent desires for instant gratification? Could we choose to see this ‘biggest shutdown of European airspace since World War 2’ as a time to reassess and revaluate our assumption that oil reserves will last forever?

As Europe ground to a virtual stand-still, there was no more coffee from Brazil, kiwi fruit from New Zealand, tulips from Amsterdam. No quick flights from London to Barcelona. Then the aftermath – who was accountable for the cost? (Venus and Mercury, then still in the sign of in Taurus, symbolising money and how we think and communicate about what we value.)

The planet Jupiter (inflation and expansion) amplified the powerful and unpredictable energy of Uranus (unexpected events that liberate us in some way) opposite Saturn (limitation, delays, confinement, and shutdown) calling us all to move away from old ways and embrace something new in our lives. It is time to dig deep and see change as an opportunity to shed and to grow.

If we accept the idea that nothing is ‘outside ourselves’ – we are at the centre of everything that unfolds in our lives. The energies within and without are revealing something about a need to move from the Old ways of being into the New: Saturn is still in face-off with Uranus for some time now – reflecting the conflict or uneasiness so many of us feel in our lives right now, especially those of us in our early 40s. These two energies are amplified by the transit of Jupiter towards the end of May.

The question we need to ask ourselves at this time is: Have we deluded ourselves (the Neptune Chiron energy in Aquarius) that we still have plenty of time to sort things out in terms of how we are living on this planet? Have we naively persuaded ourselves that our leaders and authorities have all the answers? It took six costly days for the regulators to reach their conclusion about the impact of the ash. By the time you read this, planes will once again be flying beans grown in Chile to supermarkets in Dublin, strawberries from Egypt to England. I wonder. How long can this go on?

– Ingrid Hoffman and Barry Devlin

South African-born Ingrid Hoffman (B Journ, HED) is a professional astrologer, reiki master, counsellor, and personal development coach. Ingrid Hoffman and Barry Devlin are co-founders of the True Heart Work process of relationship growth and healing. Through their work, they hope to inspire people to step bravely into relationship, to hold one another tightly through life's storms, and to find meaning in loss and endings. Ingrid and Barry offer private consultations, workshops, and corporate sessions in Ireland, South Africa and Europe. Ingrid does international readings via Skype.

You can contact her at or visit to set up an appointment.

“Look to nature – the rhythms of the tides, the circle of the seasons. In your life, similar cycles play. Knowing when to launch your ship, when to reap your harvest or leave it lie – such are your life cycles to inner wealth, personal success and true happiness. This is the path to personal development and self-improvement.”

  Food for thought

The Upside of Chaos by Hilde Nel

Studies in science and psychology prove that maximum growth occurs on the border between chaos and order. Ilya Prigogine of Belgium received the Nobel Prize for chemistry for his work on dissipative structures. In 1997, he found that the best systems are those that can sustain the greatest amount of chaos without going into meltdown. Any system that goes through a period of intense chaos without dying leaps to a new level of capability.

The same applies to humans: We grow in direct proportion to the stress we can sustain. Rigidity and predictability lead to stagnation and death.

As living beings, we are all subjected to two continuous forces – we evolve and we erode simultaneously. When we’re bored or depressed, our lives lose momentum. Erosion takes the upper hand.

Have you noticed how easy it is to become side-tracked by routine work? It takes much more effort and energy to deal with high-priority goals. Perfecting routine work can become an escape mechanism – a way of fooling ourselves that we are highly productive. In a state of chaos, perfection and routine fall away. We are forced to face our challenges and to take immediate action in order to survive.

A choice must be made, says Deepak Chopra (2009: 91). We either evolve or decline. The option of standing still is not available. If we sit in a chair and stop using our muscles, they will atrophy. The same applies to our brain.

This means that we should embrace our problems and challenges. Challenges make us grow. We all have the capacity to turn chaos into order and benefit from our problems. According to John Demartini (2006: 99), true wisdom is the ability to see the equal benefit hidden in every challenge, sickness, or crisis.

Life favours growth. If we choose to side with evolution, we tap into the energy of pure potentiality. We open the doors to grow in new unexpected areas. A blind person, for instance, often develops a unusual sense of touch and hearing to compensate for his or her loss of vision. Life responds and rewards us with creative leaps – those unexpected doors that miraculously open to push us forwards and to facilitate growth.

What saves a man is to take a step. Then another step.” - Antoine De Saint-Exupery

Deepak Chopra. 2009. Reinventing the Body, Resurrecting the Soul. Rider, London.
James Arthur Ray. 2008. Harmonic Wealth. Sphere. London.
John F. Demartini. 2006. Count Your Blessings. The Hay House, Carlsbad.

  Inspirational moment

Your journey has moulded you for your greater good, and it was exactly what it needed to be. Don’t think that you’ve lost time. There is no short-cutting to life. It took each and every situation you have encountered to bring you to the now. And now is right on time.” - Asha Tyson.